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      About So Nguon Group

      SO NGUON Company was established by Okhna SO NGUON since 1993 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is a one shareholder company. SO NGUON Company had became SO NGUON GROUP after created other sectors such as the following:

      1. In 1993 :  SO NGUON Transport, Import and Export Co. Ltd in Phnom Penh
      2. In 1994 :  SO NGUON Transport in Sihanoukville
      3. In 1997 :  SO NGUON Hotel in Sihanoukville
      4. In 1999 :  SO NGUON Dry Port in Phnom Penh
      5. In 2001 :  SO NGUON Warehouse and Container Depot in Sihanoukville
      6. In 2002 :  SO NGUON Mechanized Cattle Feed-lot Livestock in Stung Chhras
                         Village, O Bak Rotes Commune, Kampong Slla District,
                         Koh Kong Province.
      7. In 2005 :  World Tristar Entertainment Co. Ltd (Cambodia) cattle feed-lot
                         livestock and manufacturing products on 9,800 hectares of
                         government concession land for 70 years in Trapeang Pleang,
                         Chhouk, Kampot Province.
      8. In 2007 :  SO NGUON Bavet Dry Port in Bavet Commune, Chantrea District,
                        Svay Rieng province (Cambodia and Vietnam Borders)
      9. In 2008 :  HAMPTONS APARTMENTS in Beng Keng Kang 1 commune,
                        Chamkarmon District, in Phnom Penh.
      10. In 2008 :  SO NGUON Transport’s office in Ho-Chi-Ming City, Vietnam